Poutine With Kingsey® Cheese Curds

About poutine…

These tasty bites of cheese curds served with a tangy BBQ sauce over
crispy French fries are hard to resist. As a side dish or snack, poutine keeps
you coming back for more.

• Kingsey® Cheese Curds
• Frozen french fries, oven-baked or deep fried
Kingsey® Poutine Sauce

Place cheese curds and sauce on top of deep fried or oven-baked fries.
No fuss, no mess, no waste. Classic poutine is easy as 1-2-3. Intrepid
chefs everywhere are finding new ways of creating original poutine recipes
by adding ground beef, chicken, or a hint of spicy seasoning to fire it up!

Enjoy a classic or create a signature dish of your own.

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